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Board of Directors

Keith Bonchek

Founder, President, & CEO

Keith Bonchek never expected that he would become a public speaker. With a laundry list of medical conditions, including a learning disability, education did not come easy for him. Despite his doctor’s contrary advice, Mr. Bonchek graduated from high school, attended college and trade school, and became a licensed landscape contractor and designer. He owned and operated a landscape, design, and construction business that employed dozens of people for over 17 years before reluctantly accepting an opportunity to speak to educators, parents, caretakers, and nursing students about his story.

It was while speaking to nursing students that Mr. Bonchek found his passion. He knew that his new calling in life was to share his insights into the unique communication needs of people with disabilities. The simple fact is that people with disabilities often have unique communication needs that are overlooked and it has become Keith Bonchek’s mission to spread awareness of the inequity that exists.

As a person with disabilities, Mr. Boncheck has intimate knowledge of the challenges facing a person with disabilities. He also has direct knowledge of the challenges faced by the families of people with disabilities and the professionals with whom they interact.

Before founding Ability Together, Inc., Mr. Bonchek owned and operated Bridging the Gap Between Disabled and Able-Bodied, a company that was created to help close the gap between the disabled and able-bodied in education, the work place, religion, and society. As a speaker and advocate, he trained pastors on how to include individuals with disabilities and individuals who are Deaf in their services.  He has spoken at Hope Gardens, New Horizons, Modern Support Services, the Department of Rehabilitation, and at various events.

Mr. Bonchek has served as the Southern California Outreach Coordinator for People First of California, acted as Vice Chairman of the Deaf & Disabled Telecommunication Program for over 6 years, completed the Emerging Leaders Program with Disability Voices United, and is currently serving on the Ability Central Advisory Board and PAVE Stakeholder Advisory Board.

Jeff Fetterman

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Jeff Fetterman has more than 36 years of experience in the areas of healthcare, Human Resources, and nonprofit fields. His background includes operation management, claims, auditing, and compliance.  

Before becoming a Community Manager with ZP, Better Together, Inc. (ZVRS & Purple Communications), Mr. Fetterman was a HR Manager for Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD). One of his career highlights is being part of a redesign team that resulted in cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.  

Mr. Fetterman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. He grew up in the Bay Area before his mother remarried and the family moved to Sylvania, OH. After graduating from high school, Mr. Fetterman returned to California for college. 

Jeff Fetterman has been deaf since birth. He enjoys connecting with people, reading, traveling, and sports (watching & playing). Mr. Fetterman resides in Long Beach with his wife, Sharon. They have twin daughters. 

J. Davis


J. Davis led a charmed, privileged life well into his late 20’s, where, with the exception of a high school friend with polio, he was surrounded with people he perceived to be healthy and able-bodied. Perception and privilege are the key words there.

In the 1980s, his love of skiing and a friend whose brother had a head-injury, led Mr. Davis to adaptive skiing with The Unrecables, the Los Angeles chapter of Move United. The Unrecables brought him deep and lasting friendships and taught him that with the right adaptive equipment and support, people with disabilities are just as able as anyone.

Mr. Davis is a certified adaptive instructor with the Professional Ski Instructors of America and has been teaching for over 30 years. In addition to his volunteer work with the Unrecables skiing at Mammoth Mountain California, he also has been an instructor at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Aspen Colorado for the last 10 years. He has served on the Unrecables board as President and as Ski School Director.

Mr. Davis is an advocate and activist for the human rights of marginalized people, including the disabled community, women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community, the 99%, as well as for peace and disarmament.

J. Davis has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and had a highly successful career in high tech software sales. He now runs a Specialty Tea business and teaches yoga among his other activities.

Tammi Bradley

Tammi Bradley is a seasoned advocate and expert in navigating life’s multifaceted challenges, particularly in areas such as independent living, employment, public benefits, and health insurance. With a robust background in special education, health insurance advocacy, and budget management, Ms. Bradley’s expertise has been honed through years of dedicated work and skill development.

Amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Ms. Bradley boldly embarked on a new career path. She seized the opportunity to expand her knowledge by completing three Independent Facilitator training programs, ultimately securing a position with a distinguished company. In her journey, she founded SDP Life, an endeavor born from a synthesis of her professional acumen and personal experiences.

Ms. Bradley’s mission is deeply rooted in her desire to empower individuals to attain their desired lives. Drawing from her vast professional and personal experiences, she is committed to aiding others in crafting and achieving their aspirations. Through her work, Ms. Bradley seeks to foster empowerment, choice, and the realization of leading authentic, self-determined lives for all she serves.

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