Peanut Butter vs. Drool

A jar of creamy peanut butter on a counter surrounded by peanuts and toast -- this is what helped Keith combat his childhood drool.

My first speech therapist asked me if I liked peanut butter and I nodded. She pulled out a tongue depressor, turned around and scooped peanut butter out of a jar.

The Questions Kids Are Told Not to Ask

A black and white photo of one of Keith’s grade school photos. He is smiling and missing his two front teeth, and his right hand is under his chin. He has short dark hair and is wearing a short-sleeved turtleneck shirt.

When I was younger in the 60s and 70s, kids would often look at me and I just knew they wanted to ask questions, but their parents would shush them and whisk them away.

First Kiss

Two cute prairie dogs are touching noses -- could it be their first kiss?!

It was a beautiful summer day before I entered my first year of junior high school. There was this cute girl who lived near me. Both of us, innocent and naive…

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