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Our use of negative or stereotyping words and labels can cause others to think that people with disabilities are not able to achieve the things that others can achieve.

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A printed version of the Medical ASL brochure is picture showing the cover, and another one below it open to the center pages.

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Guide to Medical ASL

We are here to bridge the gap between communities of people with and without disabilities through education and training. Use our free Guide to Medical ASL to help you effectively serve individuals living with disabilities. Share them with your office staff, medical providers or friends and enjoy learning something new!

Use the form to download a PDF version of our guide to basic medical ASL (American Sign Language). This PDF document is designed to be printed and folded. When printing two-sided, select the option to flip on the short edge. 

Online Resources

The links below have been shared with us by our community and may be of value to you. The information is not created by Ability Together, and is provided for your convenience.

The ADA is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of American life.

This detailed guide helps students with learning disabilities. It ensures they know their rights, the extra help they can get, and the scholarships they can apply for.

The goal is simple: to help these students succeed in college. With this guide, they can learn about their options, get the proper support, and achieve their academic goals.

The mission of the program is to provide access to basic telephone service for Californians who have difficulty using the telephone. Keith has previously served as Vice Chair on the board representing the deaf community.

Debbie provides training on adaptive tools and strategies, consultation and coaching to teams and families looking for the right tools for an individual or who wishes to provide a more inclusive environment, and even full Assistive Technology evaluations if needed.  

This federal program includes several different components that can provide valuable financial assistance regardless of your age. Here’s what you need to know about eligibility and how to claim your benefits.

The relationship between learning and mental health is often overlooked. When children are not able to access sufficient educational services and supports, their self-esteem and confidence suffer. Students with learning disabilities (or more accurately, learning differences) need to be taught using teaching strategies that are geared to their individual learning styles.

The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities created a ground-breaking, innovative training program called Partners in Policymaking® to teach parents and self-advocates the power of advocacy to change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work. 

Best practices for resume writing, laws that protect you from discrimination, and several other topics that you should know about as a disabled worker.

We are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, serving the recreational needs of people with disabilities. We promote adaptive sports, and encourage people with disabilities to participate in sports, recreational, and social activities in their communities.

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At Ability Together, we work to make change happen through education and awareness. Please use this free resource to help you in your goal to improve accessibility through communication. 

Share it with your office staff, medical providers and friends!

This PDF document is designed to be printed and folded. When printing two-sided, select the option to flip on the short edge.