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Company Overview

Ability Together, Inc. is a small non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 with a central goal of bringing equity into the healthcare space for those who are deaf/hard of hearing and people with disabilities. Our CEO and Founder, Keith Bonchek, found himself in this space as an individual who was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and later discovered he was hard of hearing. After a lifetime of pushing boundaries and challenging the ideas of what it means to be disabled, Keith found himself in the advocacy world. Inspired by his mother and fueling his fire of challenging the limited views of those with disabilities, Keith is now driven to change the healthcare industry as we know it.

Founder and CEO Background

My name is Keith Bonchek, I am a Public Speaker and Advocate for the deaf and disabled community, and I am the founder of Ability Together, Inc. I am a highly independent and functional individual, who navigates life successfully even with a learning disability (minor reading and writing comprehension difficulties). 

As someone who is deaf and has disabilities, it has been my passion to bridge the gap of misunderstandings between my communities and the medical world. Through my business, I train medical staff on how to communicate and provide care and accommodations to those who are Deaf and have disabilities by breaking down barriers that prevent these patients from getting proper treatment.

You can learn more about me and my company at abilitytogether.org/about-ability-together.

Open Positions

Executive Personal Assistant​

Job Type: Independent Contractor or Employee
Schedule: Part-time 
Pay: $18.00 – $22.00 per hour
Location: Hybrid in Laguna Woods, CA

Website Accessibility Volunteer

Are you familiar with using screen reader software? Ability Together, a nonprofit supporting individuals with disabilities, seeks volunteers to ensure our website is accessible to all. Help us make a difference by ensuring everyone can access our online resources. 

Time commitment: Flexible. 
Location: Remote. 

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At Ability Together, we work to make change happen through education and awareness. Please use this free resource to help you in your goal to improve accessibility through communication. 

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